Oct 29

Halloween 2014

Halloween – 2014 By John Dadlez, aka The Mommy Daddy It’s Halloween 2014, it’s just a couple of days before, and my kids are counting down the minutes. This year we have Hermione Granger, a character from Minecraft (something I don’t understand at all), a Charlie Brown style ghost, and a Clone Trooper. My wife …

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Oct 26

A Second Chance

A Second Chance By John Dadlez, aka The Mommy Daddy A man died after living a long, and what he thought to be, very successful life. In his lifetime he had acquired much wealth and power. When he died his soul went to Heaven and he stood before the ‘Pearly Gates’ along with a multitude …

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Oct 22

Getting Even

Getting Even By John Dadlez, aka The Mommy Daddy Siblings don’t always get along. That’s a reality that goes back to the beginning of time. It’s usually the older siblings who dominate the younger ones. That’s how it was when I grew up. My youngest son Matthew has it a little tougher than most. He …

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Oct 19

The Rabbit and the Skunk – A Fable

The Rabbit and the Skunk By John Dadlez, aka The Mommy Daddy A rabbit had been travelling for some time when he came upon a thick wood. He looked up one way and down the other to see if it was possible to go around, but saw that the trees stretched as far as his …

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Oct 15

The Marriage Quiz

The Marriage Quiz By John Dadlez, aka The Mommy Daddy Here is a test for all you young guys out there that are going to marry soon. The hypothetical question posed will determine whether or not you will be successful in your marriage. Let’s say the wife comes to you on Saturday and asks you …

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