Jan 09

The President’s Community College Deal Is A Joke

This is one of those things that sounds good on paper, but is really a joke. I’ll say it again, ‘The President’s free community college deal is a joke.” http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2015/01/08/obama-free-community-college/21466969/ The first thing I’d like to say is, “IT’S NOT FREE! EARLY ESTIMATES PUT IT AT 70 BILLION DOLLARS! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS …

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Jan 04


It’s not surprising people pine for the good old days. Life today takes a psychological toll on people who can remember when a candy bar or a bottle of Pepsi was 5 cents. The dollar has lost 90 percent of its value since the early 1900s, and destroyed the average Joe’s cash value and buying …

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Nov 30

The Sheep and the Farmer – A Fable

There was once a group of sheep that lived wild and free. They roamed the countryside, went where they wished, ate the food provided by God, and raised their children. But these sheep were stupid and began to whine about their situation. “How hard it is to find food every day,” they said. “Wouldn’t life …

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Nov 23

Holding My Daughter, Rose, for the First Time – a poem

This is a poem I wrote when my triplets were born. Rose was the first one I held

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Nov 16

The Boastful Leopard – A Fable

There once was a leopard who was so proud of her looks that she continually bragged to all who could hear. It was true, she was magnificent. Her coat was beyond compare, and she let everyone know it. One day she saw some mice and made fun of them, “Look how beautiful I am, how …

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