Aug 13


KELLOGG WANTS WHAT?! by John Dadlez aka ‘The Mommy Daddy” I was cruising my news links this morning and saw this headline, “Kellogg wants suppliers to report carbon emissions.” I almost did a ‘spit take’ with my morning coffee. If this isn’t the most blatant attempt at kissing “Politically Correct” ass, I don’t know what …

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Aug 06

Back to School

Back To School by John Dadlez aka The Mommy Daddy Summer is more than half over for my kids. They’re starting to panic. Every time I get the mail there is at least one “Back to School” sale flyer among the bills and junk mail. In the paper (yes, some people still read newspapers) there …

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Jul 30

What Makes A Dad A “GOOD DAD”?

What Makes A Dad A “GOOD DAD”? by John Dadlez aka The Mommy Daddy The question, “What makes a dad a ‘Good Dad’?”, came up recently in a conversation. There are a lot of stock answers to it, and tons of articles written about it. They usually have titles like, “The Fifteen Things That Make …

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Mar 05

A Hollywood Guilt Trip

A Hollywood Guilt Trip I didn’t see the movie. I will see it when it comes out on DVD or Netflix. I’m sure it’s very good, but a recent article in the L.A. Times demonstrates how scared people are in Hollywood to be seen as “Politically Incorrect” or racist. The Oscars this year were an …

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Mar 02

The Chili Bean Inflation Index

The Chili Bean Inflation Index Just got back from Stater Brothers, our local grocery store here in Riverside, California. I was shopping for the basics so that I could have supplies to make the school lunches and dinners for the week. One of the meals we have regularly is chili. I got the seasoning packs, …

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